We offer a full portfolio of engineering services for every step along the way. To help human and such kind of organization in evaluating and selecting technologies. We strive to innovate & offer a plethora of ICT, Computer Engineering, Software Solutions, Degital Marketing, Affilate Servicesg & Construction Engineering products & Services. • We Endeavour to enrich the lives of people we touch by sharing, caring in our quest for excellence. • We aim to build impressive economic value for our stakeholder’s through the strength of satisfied customers and consistently produce superior operating results.


Who We Are?

Since its inception, 16 years earlier in 2001, ExtremeNest so far has travelled a long way. Backed by the vast number of accomplished projects for famous companies, ExtremeNest has made rapid strides. Today, ExtremeNest Corporation is a mulch-disciplinary services based organization that provides complete service solutions from concept to completion. Maintaining consistently high standards of growth & performance, ExtremeNest Corporation is today one of the most prestigious companies in Bangladesh at Service Provided Industry. We, the ExtremeNest Corporation are capable of providing full featured dynamic software & web sites meeting your full satisfaction. We have a wide range of products &services such as Networking Solutions, Web Solutions, Software Solutions, Security Services, Printing & Publication, Marketing & Advertising and Logistic Supports.. We have already achieved our reputation by the completion of several successful projects. Moreover, we are very prominent for our professional approach to work and meanwhile we achieved certification & for our support and service. The organization is managed and operated by highly professional expertise under an operational guideline.

Why Choose Us?

We are a group of expert and experienced people bundled for catering a high quality product within the strict time line meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations and gain complete satisfaction. We are is specialized in Web Solution, Software Solution, Development & Solution and customized desktop Software development & Solution in almost all arena as per client’s need basis like Bank, Financial Institutions, Insurances. We have developed solutions for local and outsourcing company, especially all sorts of tailored made solutions like – core banking system, file, financial & customer management applications, inventory control system, accounts management system, human resource management system, web based application development, e-commerce solution, tools, business intelligence etc. It has got technically skilled professionals to cater any kind of solution for business enterprises with updated technology and adequate support service.


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Engr. Md. Anwar Hossan

CEO & Founder

Accomplished ICT professional with demonstrated success implementing strategic ICT initiatives that improve himself & organization growth, through business functionality with positive impacts on the bottom line. Skilled project manager, with proven ability to lead & motivate teams to maximize productivity. Technology savvy self-starter, adept at moving into new environments & extrapolate from existing experience to quickly adapt to new technologies fluently. Possess first-rate communications and collaboration skills to lead and work in concert with diverse groups effectively.




Nazim Uddin

Head of Marketing & Co-Investor




Team 1

Jane Doe

Adventure Instructor

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